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In response to the global pandemic, the Christian Science Publishing Society has created a new collection of five articles from the Christian Science periodicals. Timely and practical, this pamphlet shares valuable insights to comfort and spiritually uplift as you pray for yourself, your family and community, and the world.

Free from Contagion

SKU: F0137
  • “Bringing Our Prayers to the Threat of Contagion” – Kevin Graunke
    “True Health’” – L. Ivimy Gwalter
    “Forecasts--Not The Final Word” – Judith Hedrick
    “No Classification of Diseases” – Paul Stark Seeley
    “Nipping Disease in the Bud” – Bea Roegge

  • Language: English
    Format: Pamphlet
    Dimensions: 4 x 6 inches (10.2 x 15.2 cm)
    ISBN: 978-0-87510-516-1

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