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England-based The Newsong Group presents new compositions that range from jazz to jive, and Latin to ballad. Vocals are accompanied by piano, trumpet, saxophone, flute, accordion, and a rhythm section.

Upbeats: Songs with Spirit

SKU: F0141
  • 1. Rock of Ages
    2. Pilgrim on Earth
    3. Christmas morn
    4. A glorious day is dawning
    5. Arise ye people
    6. O walk with God
    7. Choose!
    8. A grateful heart
    9. All is well (Through the love of God)
    10. Each smile a hymn
    11. God loves you friend
    12. God is working His purpose out
    13. Light of the World
    14. Love one another

  • Language: English
    Format: CD
    Duration: 41 minutes
    Number of CDs: 1

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